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Why Nodify?

Access information quickly and easily through the client portal on a web browser or mobile device. Accurately measure marketing promotions to maximize ROI and gain deeper insight into campaigns success. Use these statistics to create marketing messages tailored to your audience and evaluate what worked and why.

Proximity Marketing

Increasing incremental spending per customer

Securing customer loyalty

Increasing customer traffic

Improving customer retention rates

Proximity marketing gives you the ability to reach and engage users when they are in or near an establishment. Providing compelling, relevant, timely offers that motivate

More than 90% of consumers carry smart phones while they shop and more than 60% of them now use mobile devices to facilitate their shopping experience

72% of consumers will act on a call to action if they receive it while in or near a point of interest

Push notification messaging is growing faster than any other channel with a better than 80% read rate

A powerful tool for up-selling and customer engagement

An extremely high return on investment

Shorts Proximity Offer


No matter the size of your organization, with Nodify`s analytics you can look at all relevant customer data quickly and easily. Whether you`re a user with limited technical skills, or computer expert, nodifys powerful analytics are at your finger tips. Our detailed footfall traffic analytics help identify customer shopping behaviors and provide reliable metrics for onsite assessment. This enables more informed decisions on sales and marketing strategies that boost property performance. Analytics

100% Compatible

Nodify is 100% compatible with all smart-phones. Customer location data, Garden City, NY, 2014

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