Nodify Networks

Proximity Marketing Perfected

How It works

Analytics, Engagement, Retention

Nodify detects all smart phones in and near your establishment. Simply plug the node, which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, into a internet connection and immediately see whats happening! In just seconds the node(s) will configure itself creating its own proprietary network which is more secure and reliable than an open WiFi connection. Nodify sees 100% of all smartphones allowing you to: Identify customer behavior, create reliable metrics for your operations assessments, and boost property performance.

When your own branded app or a third partys app is Nodify enabled (with the Nodify SDK), Nodify can make contact with your customer, waking up their phone with a push notification allowing you to instantly engage at the most influential moment. For clients that do not currently have their own app, Nodify offers a white label version which can be customized for any brand. With push notifications a business can send special promotions, invitations, electronic coupons or special announcements with far more reach and effectiveness than text or email campaigns. With Nodify, you reach your customers when they are most liekly to make a purchase. Each offer may contain a redemption code of your choice,(text, bar code or QR code) which can be tracked by your POS for measurable ROI.

The Nodify Client Web Portal is an online accessible dashboard with all the tools management needs to track activity and engage in a timely manner. Management can easily administer and conduct highly effective mobile marketing campaigns by uploading graphically rich offers and promotional images while setting the dates and frequency by which campaigns are launched. When Nodify detects a user, the appropriate offer is delivered through push notification. Nodifys detection radius is adjustable, 1-300 feet, so it can detect whether a user is inside or outside, at a specific location, near a specific display or other points of interest.

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