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AdTronAir, Powered by Nodify, Announces A Solution Designed to Speak to the Biggest Source of Airport Customer Dissatisfaction Long Lines and Extensive TSA Wait Times

Providing travelers with the data they need to navigate and respond to these conditions, results in a better overall airport experience. AdTrons Air Nodes let operators set and maintain these passenger expectations by providing them with accurate and granular information on lines and associated wait times.


According to DHS secretary, Jeh Johnson, one of the biggest problems TSA faces is traveler dissatisfaction over long security lines and unpredictable wait times. AdTron designed the patent pending Air Node System to solve this problem. AdTron Air's Nodes allow the Airports to measure, calculate and report to airport passengers the real time line lengths and wait times. Providing travelers with the data they need to navigate and respond to these conditions, results in a better overall airport experience. DHS Secretary Johnson himself recently stated: ''Security line waits are inevitable. We encourage people to have the appropriate expectations when they arrive at airports.'' AdTrons Air Nodes let operators set and maintain these passenger expectations by providing them with accurate and granular information on lines and associated wait times. And with the heavy summer travel season approaching and line wait times expected to rise, having access to accurate and timely information is critical for passengers and operators.

AdTron designed Air Nodes to let airport operators and their service providers (including the TSA) understand and manage customer flow. Powered by the Nodify technology, AdTron monitors all smartphones, tablets and laptops that are present on the site. It then processes this data to generate anonymous reports on passenger locations and movement patterns. The System passively collects, processes and reports traveler data. Air Nodes can be deployed indoors and out monitoring any sector of the property e.g. security check points, baggage claim, ticket counters, shuttle buses, garages, parking aprons, and wait areas.The System respects all federal and state privacy and data laws and no special app or action is required by a user in order for the AdTron Air Nodes System to comprehensively monitor and report.

An informed traveler is a more satisfied traveler and satisfied travelers spend more. Air travel is filled with checkpoints and challenges and efficiently moving travelers and visitors requires operators to know where people are, at what times and where they are going. AdTron answers these questions in real time with secure and reliable metrics. AdTron allows operators to calculate, manage and report on navigation times within the entire airport property providing airport operators and entities like the TSA with the location, duration and directional movement of travelers. This allows them to immediately respond to changing conditions and to proactively allocate staff and resources. This operational intelligence delivers cost savings, improved property performance and creates better informed passengers who are more satisfied because they have the data they need to manage their travel experience effectively. Properly managing passenger flow and keeping travelers informed has a direct and measurable impact on traveler spending. A recent JD Power North American Airport Satisfaction Survey, passengers with high levels of satisfaction within an airport facility report that they will spend up to 45% more dollars in the propertys retail shops and restaurants on each visit than the average traveler.

''Manage passenger expectations by providing accurate and granular information on lines and wait times.''

About AdTron Air Networks: AdTron Air Nodes are powered by Nodify. The System is s an integrated real-time platform for, measuring calculating and reporting on smartphone traffic, including Android, Windows and other devices, at any location with ability to engage customers with relevant and timely offerings.


Elizabeth Powers-Trupp


Nodify Networks, Inc.

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Nodifys concurrent Dual Band Nodes provide the ultimate in flexibility and performance by utilizing two independent, Wi-Fi radios,(2.4GHz and 5 GHz). More than 1,000 models of mobile devices sold today are 802.11ac-certified. This has many businesses rushing to future-proof their networks in preparation for the influx. Nodifys Dual Band Nodes will allow for faster and more robust Wi-Fi connectivity resulting in a superior data collection and an enhanced user experience.

The Nodify System , creates a secure proprietary network. This protected network provides an added benefit for both clients and customers. Clients are able to see real time footfall traffic patterns and send relevant offers and information when a user is in or near a specific location. Nodify is a cloud based platform combined with a robust database backend, both an SDK or branded white label app are available.

Unlike Beacons, the Nodify system is device agnostic, interacting with 100% of all smartphones and is not reliant on Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Less than 30% of the smartphones users today keep Bluetooth turned on at all times. In contrast the overwhelming majority of users keep Wi-Fi on at all times.

Nodify delivers complete property analytics i.e. footfall traffic patterns, allowing operations to see all smartphone carrying users, not just ones who have a specific app. Analytics are critical to having a better understanding of what is happening at a specific venue. Nodify tracks passenger and customer flow, aggregates that information and provides real-time updates on, wait or queue times. Through the Nodify client portal, clients can readily recognizes customers through visibility, identifying repeat customers, new customers, customers from another location, walk and drive bys and see employees. All data is exportable.

Industry standards for privacy are strictly adhered to, so until the user has opted into an app which has been Nodify enabled, with the SDK, the data is completely anonymous.

The Nodify Proximity Marketing platform provides clients with an easy to use web-based portal to create and send promotions, offers or other messages. The system allows Nodifys partners and clients to reach out and engage their customers when they are in an area or location that is Nodify enabled. End users receive information, coupons, offers and promotions at precisely the right time, at or near point of purchase. A recent study confirmed that timely offers are critical with 72% of consumers indicating they will act favorably on a call to action if they receive it while in or near a point of interest Maintaining the Nodify system, changing location of Nodes, modifying radiuses (.5 to 90 meters) and creating message content is simple and does not require any specialized training, Nodes are updated remotely.

Nodify is currently installed and working in multiple verticals across the US including; mutable QSRs, Convenience and Fuel, Pharmacy, Grocery, Hospitality and Recreation. Additionally, the platform is in installed in Europe at one of the largest global retailers, a leading Convenience and Fuel retailer, and other major other well known Convenience and Fuel retailers and QSRs in Central America.

About Nodify Networks, Inc

Nodify is an integrated real-time system for measuring all smartphone traffic, including Android, Windows and other devices, at any location with ability to engage customers with relevant and timely offerings. The system provides analytics and permission based customer engagement.

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Shorts Proximity Offer

What tech tells them

Lacrosse Unlimited experiments with new technology tools.

Updated June 7, 2015 9:45 AM

By LISA DU Special to Newsday

Lacrosse Unlimited runs more than 50 specialty sporting goods shops across the United States from its headquarters on Gilpin Avenue in Hauppauge. The family business was founded 25 years ago on Long Island, and despite its maturity it is still testing and experimenting with methods to understand its customers' shopping habits.

Shorts Proximity Offer

It has been quick to try new ways to connect with customers. That meant being early to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as tools to reach the legions of young athletes that make up its customer base. More recently, the company has ventured into less conventional methods, such as mass texting and data collection.

"Even though we have 52 stores, we have a limited budget on marketing," said Tim Fleming, vice president of national sales. When trying new technologies, "we make sure the return on investment is good, or we will not use it for too long."

Experimenting with rapidly changing technologies can help a business. "The opportunities are tremendous in learning about your customer and how to grow that base," said Danielle Conte, founder of Centerport consultancy Youtail Retail. But there can be drawbacks if the interaction is not smooth for shoppers, she said.

Shorts Proximity Offer

Some methods intrusive

Getting Lacrosse Unlimited on key social media channels five years ago took some convincing across the company, Fleming said. The retailer now has more than 23,000 followers on Twitter, 164,000 on Instagram and 45,000 on Facebook.

For six months in 2013-2014, the business also sent out mass text messages about deals and sales to customers. The practice was discontinued because the messages were deemed too intrusive, Fleming said.

Shorts Proximity Offer

About the same time, the company began testing a "beacon technology" service called Nodify in a handful of Long Island stores. Nodify Inc. of West Sayville uses Wi-Fi to pinpoint customers' smartphones and collect detailed data on their visits -- such as time spent in the store and where they go within the store. It does not gather any private or personal information from smartphones.

Beacon technology tends to benefit big chains more because it can collect larger quantities of data on the brick-and-mortar shopping experience and compare high sales locations to underperforming stores, said Natalie Kotlyar, a retail practice leader at accounting/consulting firm BDO USA. "I think for smaller retailers it's definitely a challenge . . . whether it be the cost, the implementation, the maintenance of it," she said.

Businesses should also be cautious of customer perception of new technologies, Conte said. One important factor is employee education -- making sure workers understand the technology and can convey its benefits to concerned shoppers.

But used the right way, services like beacon technology offer proven sales benefits in some retail sectors, said Nicole Larrauri, a managing director at The EGC Group, a Melville-based digital marketing firm.

Nodify has helped Lacrosse Unlimited by providing accurate customer counts, Fleming said. The data revealed that some stores were getting more foot traffic than anticipated, but sales were not being generated. This indicated that the staff might need more sales training.

"At this stage mostly it's used to see how many people are coming in . . . and using that data to see if we can improve the customer experience," Fleming said.

Luring shoppers inside

But Nodify can also work as a proximity marketing tool. When shoppers download a retailer's app, Nodify can collect data on what they buy online. It then offers them customized deals via "push" notifications on their phones when it detects they are near a store, to entice them inside. Lacrosse Unlimited is building an app with this capability, Fleming said.

But retailers should remember that a key attraction of in-store shopping is still a personalized, human experience, analysts said. "The customer is going in for . . . customer service. That comes from face-to-face interaction," Kotlyar said.

While Lacrosse Unlimited also plans to grow its e-commerce arm, Fleming echoed the importance of improving the customer-salesperson interaction. "That's all we have over online -- someone there taking care of the customer."

Shorts Proximity Offer

LI technology companies' devices let retailers personalize the in-store shopping experience Updated March 6, 2015 1:56 PM By AISHA AL-MUSLIM -

Shorts Proximity Offer

Hauppauge-based Lacrosse Unlimited, which sells apparel, footwear andHauppauge-based Lacrosse Unlimited, which sells apparel, footwear and equipment, uses Nodifys "proximity marketing" to interact with customers by beacons that send sales notifications via smartphone apps. Above, the company's Sayville location on Friday, March 5, 2015. Photo Credit: Newsday / Chuck Fadely

As brick-and-mortar stores fight back against Internet retailers, they are using technology developed on Long Island to identify customers and their shopping preferences, and increase sales by providing a more personalized shopping experience. As more consumers go online or use their smartphones and tablets to shop, brick-and-mortar retailers are finding ways to use electronics as well. "Customers want to shop on their own terms," said Danielle Conte, Centerport-based retail consultant and founder of shopping experience blog "The keyword in all of the technology that is coming out right now is immediacy." Long Island companies making retailing technology include Nodify Inc., a private company in West Sayville that develops Wi-Fi-based "proximity marketing;" Janam Technologies LLC, a private company in Woodbury that develops rugged mobile computers that assist retailers with inventory management; a key unit in Holtsville of Zebra Technologies Corp., a public company with more than $4.6 billion in stock market value that has "beacons" that interact with shoppers; and Multimedia Plus Inc., in Manhattan and New Hyde Park, a private company that develops apps to train employees on new merchandise.


Nodifys Analytics and proximity marketing platform works with 100% of all smartphone and can used with any branded app with their SDK ( Software Development Kit)

In some cases, a wireless sensor can recognize when a customer, who has downloaded the store's app, walks into a retail store and sends a message such as "Welcome Back, Jane" to the shopper's smartphone, along with a 15-percent-off coupon for an item. The sensor can also notify a sales associate or manager when a returning customer arrives so they can greet the person by name and offer assistance or deals. The use of the technology can vary by store and retailer. The messages can be even more targeted. Knowing from the history of a shopper's smartphone searches that she has a fondness for buying purses, the technology can direct her to a sale in that department. Another device can be used by an employee to message someone in inventory to quickly pull the pair of size 7 red shoes a customer has asked to see, allowing the employee to stay by the customer's side.

Communication key

Retailers have to optimize the customer's shopping experience and communicate more with consumers through technology, said Marshal Cohen, retail analyst with the NPD Group, in Port Washington. About 74 percent of all purchases, aside from food, are done by customers who pre-research products and prices, he said. Retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, Macy's, Sears, Kmart, Stop & Shop and Coach are already using some of the technology from Long Island companies. But many retailers have yet to catch up. "When you look at the majority of retailers on Long Island, nothing has changed," Cohen said. "It is still the same experience of a proprietor trying to convince a consumer to buy . . . With all the competition coming from outside of the store, social media and online, retailers must get into the 21st century." One of the operations bringing 21st century technology to retailers is Zebra Technologies, which employs about 900 people on Long Island. In Zebra's Holtsville office new retailing devices are designed and marketed. (The Holtsville operation stems from Symbol Technologies, which was founded in 1975 by Long Island physicists. Zebra bought the operation in October 2014 from Motorola Solutions Inc.) Zebra's mobile marketing system, which uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, offers "beacons" to identify and engage with shoppers while they are in the store. Shoppers who opt in to receive offers by downloading an app can locate products in the store, read reviews, compare prices and look up other information.

'Geolocation' is in

"This is one of the big waves of things that retailers are beginning to roll out," said Barry Issberner, senior director of enterprise product and solutions marketing for Zebra, a Lincolnshire, Illinois-based company with about 7,100 employees across 81 countries. "You'd have to have agreed in the terms and conditions to say to the store, 'I want you to make special offers to me, and it's OK with me that you understand my location in the store.' " Within three years the number of retailers who plan to use "geolocation" such as Zebra's beacon technology will rise by nearly 200 percent, according to a report by consulting firm Boston Retail Partners. About 54 percent of Americans find beacon technology to be valuable, particularly among 18- to 34-year-olds, according to data from online coupon provider RetailMeNot. Nodify, with five employees, jumped into the proximity marketing scene in January 2014 with another permission-based app with "push notification" of offers. It uses Wi-Fi technology to analyze store traffic and allows retailers to reach customers entering or passing a store up to 300 feet away. For instance, on a cold day a driver pulling up to a gas station pump may get a message prompting a trip inside the convenience store to get a cup of coffee.

The smartphone link

The patent-pending software works with all smartphones, Nodify says, because phones are built to search for Wi-Fi signals. In comparison, less than 50 percent of phones have the specific type of Bluetooth technology that connects with beacons, said Nodify's senior vice president Elizabeth Powers-Trupp. Addressing privacy concerns, she said, "Nodify identifies all of these unique phones anonymously." Each smartphone has an exclusive identifying address. "If I pick up your phone, I don't know it's you, but I know that if you come back tomorrow that I see that phone again, so I can build a profile about the user without knowing it's you." (Customers who download a related app, however, do give permission for the retailer to know their identity.)

Motivating customers

Mobile apps and proximity marketing seek to motivate customers to shop and buy more, and drive traffic to the pricier areas of a store, while catering to the retailers' most loyal customers. About 72 percent of consumers will act on a sales prompt if they receive it in or near a store, according to an IBM study. Such apps are "all about rewards and customer retention," said Powers-Trupp, whose technology is being tested in about 100 locations including Bolla gas stations, Wendy's and Dunkin' Donuts on Long Island. For Hauppauge-based Lacrosse Unlimited, which sells apparel, footwear and equipment, the Wi-Fi based "Nodify Node" counts store traffic and helps the company know its return on investment. The technology has been installed in six of its 10 stores on Long Island, and its Nodify-hosted app has been promoted by employees and signs in the store. "We wanted to have a way to interact with the customers, technology-wise, that would push us into that other level of retail instead of an email blast at home" that may or may not be read, said Tim Fleming, director of sales and digital marketing for Lacrosse Unlimited, a family-owned company started in 1990 with 52 stores nationwide. "Here we know when they walked in that they got that notification, and we can tell if they redeemed it or not." Devices also focus on speeding up consumers' shopping. The number of retailers planning to use mobile technology as checkout devices will grow by nearly 300 percent in the next two years, according to Boston Retail Partners. And they have their eye on supporting payments via Google Wallet or Apple Pay. Janam Technologies, founded in 2006 and employing about 50 people, develops rugged mobile computers that assist retail operations with receiving and inventory management, data capture and shelf audits. Janam has some 400 partners worldwide selling its devices, very often with their own software such as an app to help quickly locate shoes.

Finding, checking out

This spring, Home Depot is equipping its associates with 40,000 Web-enabled mobile devices designed by Zebra to expedite checkout. The devices serve as a phone and walkie-talkie, find products, and provide inventory management and business analytics. "Retailers have to know the physical condition of things in their store," Issberner said. "They have to connect it to the digital world, and they have to take action. They have to have that visibility at a higher level of detail than they had before." To further assist shopping, Zebra has software that runs on a mobile device carried by store associates that has product prices and stock inventory details. An associate can then automatically send a message to another associate to go get an item. It also serves as a transaction checkout device. Another device supports mobile payments anywhere in the store. Zebra also sells a touch-screen device that serves as a customer "concierge," allowing shoppers to look up products, read reviews and get help through the retailer's video call center. "The visibility with all of this technology essentially enables a better outcome," a nicer experience, a faster transaction, Issberner said. Multimedia Plus develops interactive tablet apps that individual retailers such as Coach and Brooks Brothers use to train employees on new merchandise, as well as provide sale figures and performance metrics.

Savvy customers

"We're seeing a huge shift happening in retail where the customer is walking in and knows a lot because they're walking around with smartphones in hand," said David Harouche, founder of Multimedia Plus, a private company that was founded in 1997 and has 26 employees. "If you walk into a store and you know more than that person who works there because you just looked it up on your smartphone, there's something wrong with that equation." With all this retailing technology, shopping in the store is "becoming much more of a personal type of experience," said Harry B. Lerner, chief executive of Janam. "Now you basically have the situation where the people who shop and the retailers themselves who host those shoppers both have this incredibly advanced level of comfort with technology," he said. "And then you have the technology itself, which is capable of so much more than it ever was. So it really feels like we're at the front part of this, not the tail end of it." Copyright Newsday. All rights reserved.


Nodify Proximity Marketing Platform Delivers Precise Messaging and Analytics, Working with 100% of all SmartphonesNodify interacts with 100% of smartphones (PRNewsFoto/Nodify, Inc.)

WEST SAYVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Nodify, Inc., an in-location proximity marketing and data collection enterprise solution for C and fuel retailers, restaurants, arenas and stadiums, trade shows, and healthcare facilities recently shared traffic analytics from a C and fuel customer installation in the Northeast.


These traffic analytics statistics emphasize the value of the Nodify proximity marketing solution for the C and fuel industry. Store operators now have a solution that will engage all smartphone carrying customers at the most influential time and place; at the pumps. While providing valuable information about customer locations and offering a better understanding about which customers are new or known, how much time do they spend both inside and out at the islands. Know which customers visit other locations. As illustrated in the graphs, Nodify is consistently seeing only 25% of the total traffic enters the stores. This is consistent with previous industry reports. The Nodify Node creates a secure proprietary network. This protected network provides an added benefit for customers, not only are they able to see real time traffic, send push notifications when a user is in or near a specific location, they now have a more secure network to add mobile payments in the future. Nodify is a cloud-based platform combined with a robust database backend. Both an SDK and a branded white label app are available. Unlike iBeacons, the Nodify platform interacts with 100% of smartphones and is not reliant on Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Less than 50% of the smartphones in use today are able to communicate with iBeacons. The donut chart illustrates the type of smartphones collected at the same customer site during the same period.


According to Bob Bente, President Nodify, Inc., With Nodify, the opportunity is tremendous. We now have the unique ability to engage all smartphone carrying C and Fuel customers with compelling messages to increase inside sales. Its not as if you need to motivate a customer to visit your location, they are already there; they are even outside of their vehicle. This is the precise time to send a push notification that is timely and relevant. Not an offer that reaches a customer in a Geofence going 65 MPH on the interstate. Bente added It was important to develop a solution that would be device agnostic and not reliant on any one technology such as BLE. Originally iBeacons seemed very promising but the market is currently too fractured and immature.

About Nodify, Inc

Nodify is an integrated real-time system for measuring all smartphone traffic, including Android, Windows and other devices, at any location with ability to engage customers with relevant and timely offerings. The system provides analytics and permission based customer engagement.

For Additional Information, please contact:

Elizabeth Powers-Trupp Nodify, Inc. Phone (631) 648-0100 x103 Email

SOURCE: Nodify, Inc.


Nodify, Inc.

April 29, 2014 08:10 ET

Nodify(TM) Launches Real-Time Location Marketing and Analytics

WEST SAYVILLE, NY (Marketwired Apr 29, 2014) Nodify, Inc., announces the launch ofNodify for C-Store and Fuel Retailers, a system for analyzing in-store customer traffic and for engaging customers. Nodify drives traffic from the pump into the store, increasing spending per customer and secures customer loyalty. Businesses can now actively engage customers at the exact moments it matters most, in or near a store, with offers most relevant to them.

Nodifys marketing platform enables retailers to create, manage and deliver highly targeted real-time offers. Nodify detects customers and wakes-up their phone, eliminating the need for the customer to manually open an app. Nodifys detection radius is adjustable and knows if a customer is inside, outside or at the pump. With Nodify there is no need for complex geo-fencing or reliance on GPS.

The Nodify System passively monitors and collects the location behavior of all smartphone carrying customers and converts these real-time patterns into easy to use reports. With Nodify retailers can see customer data quickly and easily. Identifying customer behaviors provides reliable metrics for onsite assessment. Traffic analytics allow for better sales and marketing strategies that boost property performance.

Nodify can be launched immediately under an operators brand using any existing Smartphone application with the Nodify SDK. Alternately, it can be offered to customers under the Get Nodifiedô brand. Unlike iBeacons, which are only compatible with iOS and a few Android phones, Nodify works with 100% of all smartphones.

According to Robert Bente, President and CEO, We have been in business intelligence for more than 30 years and after reviewing the category, I knew we had the right solution. To date, technologies in this segment have targeted larger venues such as malls and airports and have been very expensive. Or they have focused only on location like iBeacons, which do not collect any data. What we have accomplished with Nodify; is to deliver a highly effective and affordable solution. Interestingly, Facebook just launched Nearby Friends, which speaks to the power of real-time location technology.

Nodifys cloud-based solution, accessible through the client portal, centralizes the creation and management of offers, segmentation of consumers, and activation of nodes. Installation of nodes is simple. Redemption is integrated into the POS allowing evaluation by location, offer or campaign. For more information please visit

Contact Information

Elizabeth Powers-Trupp

631-648-0100 x103


132 Clyde St.

West Sayville, NY 11796

Phone: 631.823.1100



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nodify do?

Nodify provides three distinct opportunities

Analytics: provide insight into your operations and customers behaviors. You can then use these insights to improve location performance and overall customer experience. Analytics allow you to see frequency of purchase, when customers enter a store or make incremental purchases. Additionally you can compare new customers versus regular customers, versus regular customers at different locations. All data is readily available and easy to view at the nodify portal.

Customer Engagement: This is where an app plays an important role in the overall customer experience. Under normal circumstances apps are passive. In the current scenario, the customer opens the app, looks for an offer, uses that offer, orders and pays with their phone. A good model, but not engaging with no real retention. When Nodify is being used; a node will detect a user at a location and push a graphically rich alert to the users phone, motivating that user to act. You can now invite customers into different areas in your location, motivating them with compelling offers. The opportunity to up-sell while your customer is in your establishment is tremendous. The right offer at the right time.

Retention: An app with a built in rewards program will keep your customers happy, well rewarded and visiting more often. Using the Nodify platform you will be able to see and use customer purchasing behavior to send out the right offer at the right time.

How does Nodify work?

Nodify detects all smart phones in and near your establishment, proving you with complete traffic analytics. When a nodify enabled app, your or ours, you can instantly engage your customers at the most influential time. All you need is an internet connection. Each offer contains a redemption code of your choice (text, bar code or QR code) for integration with your POS, while tracking redemption activity.

What is a node?

A device that contains proprietary software which can detect all smart phones within a specified radius. It works indoors and outdoors with range from 10-100 ft that is optimized for your establishment.

Can Nodify be customized for my brand?

Yes. If you already have an app and would like to integrate Nodifys technology, an SDK is available.

What are benefits of using Nodify?

Analytics, customer engagement and customer retention resulting in increased sales.

Can Nodify accommodate local or regional campaigns?

Yes. You can target your ad campaigns by region, state, city, even as small as a specific location.

What are the costs?

Nodify is extremely affordable with low barrier to entry.

How does Nodify track redemptions?

Nodify lets you choose how to redeem the offers through the use of text, Barcode or QR Code

Why Nodify?

Nodify combines customer behavior statistics with relevant real-time location detection providing analytics, customer engagement and customer retention resulting in increased sales. Our proprietary software, built-in to each node, delivers more accurate and relevant data, allowing you to deliver the right offer at the right time. Some companies send text/push campaigns never knowing whether a customer is near one of your locations. Other companies use GPS which was never designed to work indoors. Great for navigation, helping you get from point A to point B, but not effective at delivering the right offer at the right time.

Investor Relations

How can I find out more about investing in Nodify Networks, inc.

Nodify provides investors with a self service portal which can be accessed here Investor Portal

Nodify Networks Investor Power Point

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