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Air Travel

Air Travel

One of the biggest problems airports face is traveler dissatisfaction over long security lines and unpredictable wait times.

Nodify allows the Airports to measure, calculate and report to airport passengers the real time line lengths and wait times. Providing travelers with the data they need to navigate and respond to these conditions, results in a better overall airport experience.

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An informed traveler is a more satisfied traveler and satisfied travelers spend more. Air travel is filled with checkpoints and challenges and efficiently moving travelers and visitors requires operators to know where people are, at what times and where they are going. Nodify answers these questions in real time with secure and reliable metrics. Allowing operators to calculate, manage and report on navigation times within the entire airport property providing airport operators and entities like the TSA with the location, duration and directional movement of travelers

Apps are Passive -Nodify makes your app engaging. When a Nodify enabled app is being used: A node will detect a user at a location and push a graphically rich alert to the users phone, motivating that user to act.


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